Someone Else’s Life

Someone Else’s Life: Book One – Discovery

 A two-hundred-year-old plantation home, a mysterious locked room, an obsessive attraction to a boy, and a family with a secret…

 For teenage, Keri Lawrence, spending a summer at her grandmother’s house turns out to be anything but the long, boring summer she anticipates. From the moment she arrives, she knows something isn’t quite right, and she soon starts experiencing intensified nightmares, strange visions, and moments of lost time.

With its haunting pull, Keri is convinced that the visions she is experiencing are somehow connected to the mysterious locked room at the end of the upstairs hallway and that it is the key to solving the mystery of what is happening to her.

Keri’s family has a secret—a secret they are keeping from her. And she is determined to find out what it is.


Someone Else’s Life: Book Two – Missing Pieces

After discovering a long hidden secret about her family and learning a frightening truth about her own past, Keri Lawrence decides to remain living at her grandmother’s plantation home for the school year, in hopes of understanding her past and learning more about who she really is.

Her relationship with Adrian becomes more and more complicated and every move she makes seems to push him further away and into the arms of her enemy. The thoughts of losing him forever is more than she can bear and she soon finds herself spiralling into a self-destructive pit of drinking and drugs to try to dull the searing pain in her heart.

At the same time, the difficulties of her life are compounded as she discovers even more frightening truths about herself. Impossible things. Things that simply can’t be true.

But they are.





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